Mistakes happen. We believe that you can tell the quality of a person or organisation by the way in which they respond to them.

The West Hampshire CCG policy states that remedy and redress "is for the service provider to restore the complainant to the position they would have been in if the maladministration or poor service had not occurred". It is our strong belief that this has not happened in our case. The struggle has been immense, resulting in poor health due to stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, it appears to be a common problem for people trying to claim the support they require.

The purpose of this section is to highlight the challenges that we have faced and thus learn from our experience so that you can be as prepared as possible hopefully to avoid some of the difficulties we have had.

As much as we have been highly frustrated and angry with the process that we have been put through, when we set up this website in early 2018, we redacted the names of individuals from documents. Although we had a legal right to include the names of the members of staff at West Hampshire CCG, we have our own standards despite the behaviour of others. Unfortunately, it has reached the point where no one is seemingly willing to accept responsibility for their actions, or hold others to account. As such, with the launch of our national campaign, we will no longer redact documents.

This is an on-going case so we will continue to update as things progress.