A lot of research can go into preparing for NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments. To help, we have put together all of the documents that we found useful throughout our review process.

Most of the documents are focused on the process of NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments and complaints procedures. On occasion, the documents are specific to our case, including evidencing the circumstances around the diagnosed medical condition of epilepsy. On many of the documents, we have highlighted the key bits of information that were relevant to us.

We summarised all of the key information into one Word document. This was done to make access to key information easier. All headings in the contents and page headings have links to enable quicker access to specific information. This document can be downloaded and adapted to suit individual needs.

As much as we have been highly frustrated and angry with the process that we have been put through, we have redacted the names of individuals from documents. Although we would have a legal right to include the names of the members of staff at West Hampshire CCG, we have our own standards that we will maintain despite the behaviour of others.

It is very important to note that Data Protection rules and the National Framework for Continuing Healthcare are changing this year. We will update this website in due course.