Hints and Tips

We have put together a range of helpful pieces of advice that we have learnt through our experience. The key to these are knowledge and evidence. Despite NHS Continuing Healthcare being needs based, CCGs have been tasked with reducing costs by £855m. This creates significant pressure on organisations to interpret the rules and regulations in a 'cost efficient' way.

You need to be prepared and, despite the challenges you may already face due to illness, disability or caring responsibilities, determined to succeed over a potentially long battle.


We have also put together a list of organisations that we have found helpful or maybe of use. 

The focus of this website is on the process of obtaining and retaining Continuing Healthcare, not the specifics of our medical and caring needs. However, we have put together a range of charities linked to some of the more common disabilities that result in Continuing Healthcare being awarded. Some of these charity websites have very useful information that is relevant whatever your health or care needs.