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Name and Shame

I have decided to use this blog post to reflect on the impact of my previous posts to date which have told the story of my NHS Continuing Healthcare hell.


Many have been aware of the damage that this battle has caused and some have known a few of the details. But they didn’t know the depth of the problems. They are sickened by what has gone on and disgusted that the CCG will not admit wrongdoing. The NHS has done a wonderful job fighting the pandemic, but it is clear that the CCG is seriously damaging the reputation of the NHS with its actions against us.


Whilst there has been shock and disgust at the actions we have faced, no one in the groups has expressed surprise. Why? Because they are experiencing the same sorts of behaviour. The biggest impact is on those who join the groups as they are at the start of their Continuing Healthcare application. Although they are truly concerned by what they read from my blog and the posts of others, at least it helps them to be prepared.


This was probably the easiest to predict. Despite all the evidence against them, including lies, altering outcomes, pre-determined complaint outcomes, unlawful processing of sensitive information, fake guidelines and failing to answer questions, West Hampshire CCG is belligerently refusing to engage with me.

No doubt, they would argue that there is a complaint process that has been followed and claim they did so robustly. But they know they didn’t.They just hope I haven’t got the courage to take them to court.

Mike Fulford (Chief Operating Officer) – Where is the honesty? Why don’t you just accept that you and your organisation got it wrong? Why prolong the suffering of myself and my family? Don’t keep claiming you have followed due process, because if you had, we wouldn’t be in this situation.


Throughout this process, I have sent copies of numerous pieces of correspondence to key board members, including Sarah Schofield (chair of West Hampshire CCG), Dr Peter Bibawy (chair of North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG – our actual commissioning board), Dr Stuart Ward and Judy Gillow.

I have heard nothing from any of them in a long time. The Nolan principles for public office require selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

I believe that they are failing on all of these.

· Selflessness – They appear to be more interested in protecting the CCG.

· Integrity – How can you have integrity when you are allowing these practices to continue in your organisations?

· Objectivity – When the facts are there in front of you and you ignore them, how can your reaction / inaction be perceived to be objective?

· Accountability – Who is being held to account for the failings in my case and how are you being held to account for ignoring them?

· Openness – Well that is just a joke. And when I write about the ‘independent’ review that was planned and then reneged upon, the level of disgust will only increase.

· Honesty – I’m waiting.

· Leadership – In fairness, what you are doing can certainly be described as leadership. Just a shame that it is leadership that turns a blind eye to lies, tampering of documents, unlawful processing of sensitive information, etc, etc.

And to add to the insult from the board members, Dr Peter Bibawy had a private chat with me after a meeting as he was concerned about the impact this whole case was having on my mental health. Yet he fails to have the courage or leadership to right this wrong.


There is so much to say about Maggie MacIsaac in future posts, all of which is evidenced.

Whilst I haven’t published information about Maggie MacIsaac’s actions yet, I can well imagine the sort of statements that she would be making to people. But, as I will prove, if she tries to defend the ‘independent’ review that she offered, the level of spin would make the likes of Alastair Campbell and Dominic Cummings blush.

How ironic that she has admitted that there were failings (although she has not specified any details) and my wife is clearly eligible.

Some words of wisdom from Brian Tracy for Maggie MacIsaac – “Superior leaders are willing to admit a mistake and cut their losses. Be willing to admit that you’ve changed your mind. Don’t persist when the original decision turns out to be a poor one.” Especially relevant when her current approach continues to cause harm to me and my family.


Absolute silence. But why would they say anything? They are “happy”with West Hampshire CCG’s approach.

And to be clear, the blog posts have gone out to all relevant employees and every councillor (except those that have blocked my emails).

Considering we raised a safeguarding concern, the county councillors refuse to engage with me. This means the experience we have had is acceptable to them.


There will be a whole post about him. After initially getting involved as our local MP, he simply accepted the misleading response from West Hampshire CCG. He even wrote to me on three occasions to urge me to re-engage with the [unlawful] process stating that it was a requirement in law.

Despite all my recent attempts to get him to assist me, as a constituent, he refuses to do so.

It seems that Leo Docherty MP does not care what is happening so long as West Hampshire CCG say it is the law.


I simply get a standard response from them – I need to go through the CCG complaint procedure. Whilst NHS England’s role is to ensure the lawful administration of NHS Continuing Healthcare, they have set up processes to avoid people like me from being able to report to them.

So NHS England has no interest in my case. Well, not quite true. Internal emails have shown that they are concerned about the risk of negative publicity. This is repulsive. They wouldn’t have to worry about reputation if they did the right thing.


This is a story that will take a few blog posts. Needless to say, the revelations are just as shocking as the rest of this disgraceful story.

In the meantime, Rob Behrens remains resolutely silent.


This is another incredible episode in this saga, and West Hampshire CCG come out of this very badly as well.

This story will take time to tell. But the level of blatant bias is appalling. Andrea Sutcliffe knows who was involved in writing the CCG response and yet feels this is not a problem. Clearly, she has not learnt from the Gosport War Memorial Hospital Scandal. Making matters even worse, she reneged on a promise made to me at a Gosport War Memorial Hospital Scandal Families’ Forum regarding further investigation of my case.


Having already had an article in the Daily Express about our NHS Continuing Healthcare nightmare, it is clear that our story is of particular interest. Even with the background of understandable support for the NHS due to Covid, I am receiving contact from national media (including TV and radio). With growing concern about the long-term impact of Covid on the care system, attention is beginning to turn to ensure people receive their legal entitlement to health care, as well as a sustainable social care system.

All of this may seem far-fetched. How can so many organisations fail? Surely I am just mis-reading or mis-representing the facts? Three points:

1. I am a former Ofsted-trained executive headteacher and educational consultant. My parents have also been heavily involved. My mother was an NHS nurse. My father is a retired dental surgeon and forensic odontologist and was an expert witness for the Law Society. We know how to interpret policies, record evidence, etc.

2. We have evidence for every single statement I have made in this post, the previous posts and all future posts. If you wish to see it, contact me via my website (chcinhampshire.com).

3. The Gosport War Memorial Hospital Scandal. Many hundreds of vulnerable people had their lives “shortened”. One of the victims was a much-loved relative of mine. The picture below (from https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/gosport-hospital-scandal-deaths-jane-barton-opiate-painkiller-a8887651.html) says it all. Sir Norman Lamb MP led the calls for the inquiry that led to the Bishop James Jones report of 2018. Finally, it was admitted that all these organisations failed and a new police investigation is currently in progress.

All these organisations failed in the Gosport scandal. If my case is anything to go by, despite their claims, they have learnt nothing.

And further stories can be found on the Crowd Justice page for a judicial review into the NHS Continuing Healthcare scandal (https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-nhs-continuing-healthcare-scandal/). Sadly, my story is by no means an isolated case.

It appears that large parts of our NHS are unaccountable.


Having re-read this post, it would be easy to think that I detest the NHS. For rather obvious reasons, there is a lot of anger, frustration and disappointment. But this is focused at the Clinical Commissioning Group and those who have helped to cover-up their unlawful actions.

As a family, we are so grateful to the many professionals in the NHS who have supported us with the epilepsy and the impact that our fight with West Hampshire CCG has caused. These people work in the following places:

· Princes Gardens Surgery, Aldershot

· Frimley Park Hospital

· John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

· Oxford University Research Department

· Epilepsy Centre, Chalfont St Peter

· National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery

· St George’s Hospital, London

· South East Coast Ambulance Service

· Hart Dental Centre

· TalkPlus

To these people and organisations, we say THANK YOU.

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