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Relaunch of national campaign

Updated: Jan 4

Legal action against West Hampshire CCG is the only option left after CEO withdraws from investigation into the failings that she has acknowledged occurred.

The 'independent' review that was offered did not meet our criteria of fair, equitable, transparent and lawful. Despite agreements, the final process would allow West Hampshire CCG to hear our allegations and respond to them, without us being able to hear or respond to the assertions of the CCG prior to the draft report. We would only be offered a factual accuracy response.

Legal action is the only option left. We have made this clear repeatedly since December 2019. In the meantime, we will evidence the failings that we have encountered. We will also share the responses we have received from West Hampshire CCG. If the impact on its as a family were not so dramatic, we would have simply laughed at the responses. We think you will agree that West Hampshire have consistently avoided answering questions, failed to evidence their claims or been plain dishonest.

The attached document is the open letter we sent yesterday to the CEO, Maggie MacIsaac. She chose not to respond. The two letters that preceded this (one from me and one from Maggie) can be found on the 'National Campaign' page.

Future blog posts will go through in detail the issues raised, the responses from WHCCG and the evidence that proves they we have been wronged.

20 Response to MM 23-11-20
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